What the Future of the World Should Look Like

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Kawanishi, Japan
2020年9月22日  秋分



つまり、パンデミックが始まってから、地球の生命への悪影響が激減したのだ。 もちろんコロナウィルスが人間に不要な苦しみを与えたことは否定できない。しかし、私たちの目の前の自然界では、私たちの存在に関係なく、当然のように生命は続いていく。

パンデミックがついに治まり、人間の管理下に置かれるときが来るとしたら、どのような世界になっているのだろう。この恐ろしい経験から、私たちは何を学んだのだろうか。 私たちは、地球を美しく健康に保ち、人間の負の影響から解放することができるのだろうか。

『ライフ・タイムズ』2020年秋号は、そのためのヒントをいくつか紹介する。 今回の



パンデミックが終わった後も(もし終わったとしても)、極端な人為的気候変動の影響が世界中で大惨事を引き起こし続けており、私たちはやはり自分たちの生命の危機に直面しなければならないだろう。 世界の未来がどのように見えているべきかを前向きに決めようとするならば、多くの仕事が私たちに突きつけられている。


  • パンデミックがついに治まり、人間の管理下に置かれる時が来るとしたら、どのような世界になっているのだろう。 この恐ろしい経験から、私たちは何を学んだのだろうか。
  • What will the world look like when — or if — the pandemic eventually subsides and is brought under human control? What will we have learned from the horrible experience?

Animals roaming freely through the deserted streets of local towns and villages. Natural greenery growing unfettered and taking over public places. Big cities with lower air pollution levels and cleaner skies.

All of these and more are some of the unforeseen side-effects being reported in the news worldwide of people staying in their homes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In other words, the adverse influence of human beings on the life of the planet has been drastically reduced since the pandemic started. There has been much needless human suffering due to the coronavirus — that is undeniable. But in the natural world outside our doors, life goes on as it always did, with or without us.

What will the world look like when — or if — the pandemic eventually subsides and is brought under human control? What will we have learned from the horrible experience? Can we keep the planet clean and healthy and freer of the negative human imprint on the Earth?

This autumn 2020 edition of LifeTimes may offer some hints toward that end. On the
REVIEWS page this time, we review a powerful new book of photographs that has recently been published on the 75th anniversary of the tragic atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. A world without nuclear war and nuclear weapons — that is what the post-coronavirus world should look like.

On the
ARCHIVES, ESSAYS and STUDIO pages, we touch upon the various issues of racism, media distortion and corporate greed. A world based on equality, fairness for all and a shared awareness of the human destiny — that is what the world should also look like.

In short, a post-pandemic world where we listen and learn more intimately from nature and each other — that is what the future of the world should look like.

Once the pandemic is all over (if it ever is), we will still have to face our own survival due to the human-caused effects of extreme climate change, which continue wreaking havoc worldwide. Much work confronts us if we want to decide in a positive way how the future of the world should look.

That moment for deciding is now before us, and literally every second of our lives matters.




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