Where There is Life, There is Hope

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Kawanishi, Japan
2022年3月21日  春分









  • もし、この記念号に共通のテーマがあるとすれば、それは希望だと言えるだろう。今日の世界の状況を見てみると、希望が依然として見えてこないようである。『ライフ・タイムズ』の今月号では、少しでも希望を与えることが出来ることを願い、私なりに取り組んでいる。
  • If there is a common theme running throughout this celebratory edition, it is Hope. When we look at the world situation today, it often seems that hope remains in short supply. This edition of LifeTimes hopefully helps remedy that imbalance in its own humble way.

Welcome, readers, to a very special edition of LifeTimes — our 15th anniversary issue.

The earliest incarnation of this website in spring 2007 was basically a blog site and some photo galleries of my travels around Japan. Over the years, the site grew and became an outlet for featuring all of my writings, past and present. That is where we are today.

If there is a common theme running throughout this celebratory edition, it is
Hope. When we look at the world situation today, it often seems that hope remains in short supply. This edition of LifeTimes, in its own humble way, hopefully helps remedy that imbalance.

ARCHIVES page this time features a few of my past media articles about a social activist here in Japan, Aileen Mioko Smith, who has been fighting the good fight for a sustainable future for Japan and the world for many decades now. She gives us hope that, yes, we can change things for the better if we are committed enough.

The honest, good work of nonprofit organizations in the midst of capitalistic greed and graft is the focus of an essay on the
ESSAYS page this time. Hats off to all those groups of people who continue to care deeply about others in society.

And on the
REVIEWS page, we spotlight two young poets who give us good reason to keep hope alive in the field of literature and writing. One of these young poets even gave a moving recital during the inauguration of the current United States president. As for visual media, we review a documentary film that tells the inspiring story of a long-forgotten festival that filled a lot of people’s lives with joy and hope some decades ago.

In times like these, it is easy to get depressed and become cynical about tomorrow. But taking a closer look, we also see good reasons to keep a ray of hope shining within us for the future. There is an old saying that “Where there’s life, there’s hope,” and that notion has never been truer than it is today.

Happy spring to all, and we thank you for the positive feedback over the years that you have shared with us about this website and how it has evolved. We look forward with much hope to the next 15 years of sharing
LifeTimes with the people.




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