- Interviews
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This section features newspaper, magazine and book interviews in a question-answer format from the 1980s to 2000s.
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DONALD WOODS _journalist/author, anti-apartheid activist
Japan Times — 4 June 1988
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AKIRA JINNO _academic, anti-apartheid activist
Kyoto Journal — Winter 1988-89
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HITOSHI MOTOSHIMA _politician, mayor of Nagasaki
Kyoto Journal — Spring 1991(English)日本語
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OSAMU UNO _business/economic leader
Mainichi Daily News — 31 October 1992(English)日本語
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TAKAKO DOI _politician, scholar
Kansai Time Out — November 1992(English)日本語
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EDITH HANSON _media personality, human rights activist
JAMM magazine — Autumn 1993(English)日本語
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DENNIS BANKS _native american leader, activist
Kyoto Journal — Spring 1994(English)日本語
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MAKOTO ODA _scholar/author, activist
小田実 _作家/平和活動家
論集『9.11と9条』2006年11月  Kyoto Journal — Summer 2007
- News / Feature Articles
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This section highlights various news and feature articles carried in newspapers and magazines from the 1980s to 2010s.
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South Bay Man Swims, Races and Snow Skis…on One Leg [1981]
Lomita’s Own Cathedral [1981]
South Bay Run Celebrates 30th Year [1982]
Local Soccer Youths’ Goal is England [1982]
The Irish Spirit Rides Again [1982]
A South Bay Mechanic on the Road [1982]
Surf Champs Buy Lomita Travel Agency [1982]
‘…See What I Hear’: Tom Sullivan’s Story [1982]
Runners Kick Off Armed Forces Day [1982]
A Love of History Nurtured at Kearney Park [1983]
Living with an Addiction [1983]
A Dream Built Underground [1983]
Fresno’s Meux Home [1984]
Still on Stage [1984]
Hockey on Horseback [1984]
The Fresno Falcons — Up Close and Personal [1985]
Boxing in Merced [1985]
Indian Says Tahoe is ‘Beautiful Jewel’ [1985]
Nevada Drops TRPA Pullout Initiative [1985]
Image Important for Former Boxer Leonard |日本語[1985]
Blaze Scorches Memories [1985]
Heavenly Wins Lawsuit Verdict [1985]
Councilmen to Make Another Japan Trip [1985]
[NEW] A Farewell to King [1986]
When Heroes Fall [1986]
Final Countdown [1986]
The Art of Listening [1986]
Scanning the Global Village [1986]
A Letter to the Mayor [1986]
Made in Japan [1986]
Faux Pas for First-Time Visitors [1987]
Health-Tech Fair: A Breakthrough for U.S. Firms? [1987]
Special Olympics Outdo U.N.: Shriver [1987]
Trade Tiff Hasn’t Embittered U.S. Public [1987]
‘Patience’ Key to Coping with Tariffs [1987]
Greater Flexibility in Allocation of Loans Urged [1987]
Scandinavians Call for ADB Care for Environment [1987]
Taking Japan’s Know-How Home to Zaire [1987]
U.S. Should Have Larger Role in Airport, Says Trade Envoy [1987]
[NEW] Former Consul General Terms U.S. Tariffs ‘Bad Decision’ [1987]
Kansai’s Class Draws U.S. Teacher Back to Favorite Himeji Region [1987]
Kyoto Journal, Part of Ongoing Dialogue on Japan [1987]
‘I’m Not Shutting Out Foreign Firms’ |日本語[1987]
‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’ Arriving in Kansai Area [1987]
Director Oliver Stone Says Japan Should ‘Speak Out and Use Its Muscle’ Politically |日本語[1987]
Self-Protection Requires Japanese Military Buildup: U.S. Rear Admiral [1987]
It’s ‘Wait and See’ Time for the Kansai Int’l Airport [1987]
Soviet Editor Vows to Champion ‘Glasnost’ [1987]
Future Not So Bright for Fingerprint Refuser [1987]
Sino-Japanese Ties Still Chilly 1 Yr. After Kyoto Dorm Ruling [1988]
U.S. Leads Bids for Kansai Contracts [1988]
Cosmopolis to Charge Senshu’s Lagging Economy [1988]
Israeli Ambassador Urges Japanese Leaders, Scholars to Denounce Growing Anti-Semitism [1988]
Africa Holds a Special Place in Jazzman Sadao Watanabe’s Music |日本語[1988]
New Revisions to Alien Law Harshly Criticized [1988]
Print Refuser Granted Extended Hearing [1988]
Catholic Priest Defies Alien Fingerprinting System [1988]
Korean Residents Still Grappling for Foothold Here [1988]
Douglas Filming Movie in Japan [1988]
Bubka Sets World Pole Vault Record [1989]
A Healthy Way of Life? [1989]
Stephen Driver: Photographer of the Stars [1989]
Public’s Pollution Awareness Linked to Lake Biwa’s Fate [1990]
Racism in Japan [1990]
Sri Lankan Woman’s Employment Hopes, Image of Japanese Shattered by Marriage-Divorce Scam [1990]
Mayor of Nagasaki Finds Way to Resolve Himself to Fate [1990]
Black Entrepreneur Challenges Japanese Official’s Racist Remark [1990]
Kyoto Woman Works to Raise Awareness of Man-Made Environmental Disasters [1990]
About This Business of Racism [1990]
Wounded Nagasaki Mayor Takes a Stand [1990]
U.S. Racial Strife Called Sign of Pride [1990]
Boxing Officials Rope Rising Korean Star [1990]
Aileen Smith [1991]
Family, Friends Recall Photographer Killed in Bizarre New York Accident |日本語[1991]
Beyond the Memorial: Nagasaki is Japan’s Most International City [1991]
Final Destination: The Kansai International Airport [1991]
Women Fight Makers of Debasing Games [1991]
Senna Wraps Up 1991 Formula One Crown [1991]
Troupe Cast as ‘Comfort Women’ [1991]
Nuclear Foes Form Chernobyl Aid Group [1991]
Rights Champion Wins One for Disabled [1991]
South African Poet Strives to Improve Child Education [1991]
Kansai AIDS Activists Seek More Awareness, Care in ’92 [1992]
Manga Mania [1992]
Manga, Racism & Tezuka |日本語[1992]
Activist Goes Int’l with Plutonium Protest [1992]
Doi Determined to Tap into Anti-PKO Sentiment |日本語[1992]
Documentary to Examine Racism Against Blacks [1992]
The Tezuka Controversy [1992]
The Road to Nanjing: Bitter Memories, New Attitudes [1992]
Kyoto Joins Protest Against ‘Mystery Ship’ [1992]
Old Ties, New Directions [1993]
Takako Doi: A Different Voice [1993]
Kyoto’s ‘Kisha Club’ System Challenged by Gutsy Farmer [1993]
Manga with a Message |日本語[1993]
From Airports to Zucchini [1993]
Second Cities: Osaka Makes Its Move [1993]
Kyoto Resident to Campaign for Political Rights [1993]
New York Residents Call ‘Yellow Cab’ Author a Fraud |日本語[1993]
Local Politico Keeps Heat on New Airport [1993]
Amagasaki Hails New Era of ‘People Power’ [1993]
All That Jazzamatazz [1993]
Standing Up for Teachers’ Rights in Japan [1993]
Aquino Urges Help for Ailing Economy | [NEW:]日本語[1993]
Maverick Bureaucrat Raps Work System [1993]
[NEW] American Indian Leader Promoting ‘Sacred Run’ [1993]
Osaka Missionary Works as Spokesman for Buraku Liberation [1994]
Dissident’s Son Skeptical Gov’t Will Release Aung San Suu Kyi [1994]
Sacred Run ’95: In the Ancient Way |日本語[1994]
Fighting for Human Rights in the Courts [1994]
Burma: the Good, Bad and the Ugly [1994]
Hattori’s American Hosts Bring Gun Appeal to Japan [1994]
Expanding the Boundaries of Peace Education [1994]
Editor Keeping Magazine a ‘Service’ [1994]
Thatcher Praises Japan’s Role in Cold War [1994]
Nobel Laureate Pushes Diversity in Art [1994]
‘Only a Few Could Escape’ [1995]
Stranded Resent Inadequacy of Official Action After Quake [1995]
P&G Far East Employees Evacuate Rokko Island [1995]
Mondale Visits School in Kobe [1995]
While Others Waited, ‘The Y’ Plunged In [1995]
国際基準は未成年者のプライバシー権を保護 [1997]
- Investigations
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This section puts the spotlight on in-depth, investigative news reporting and research projects from the 1990s to 2010s.
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