Torrance 10-K run

The Irish Spirit Rides Again

By Brian Covert
Headlight Feature Writer

It was enough to bring a tear of joy to a leprechaun’s eye when more than 3,600 runners participated in the Tom Sullivan Third Annual St. Patrick’s Day 10-K Run in Torrance last Sunday, March 14, to benefit blind children.

Sure ’n begorra there were lads and lassies of all ages running in the 6.2-mile course, which was sponsored by VISTAS, a local charity group that raises funds for the
Blind Children’s Center in Los Angeles.

Throughout the event, which started and finished near the county courthouse on Maple Avenue, the cheers among spectators and the runners themselves were as common as green three-leaf clover insignias. Even as the morning progressed on, a chill wind and pouring rain didn’t seem to put a damper on the high spirits at all.

Although all participants in the run definitely deserve credit, some of the fastest runners included Gary Tuttle, the overall winner, with a time of 29.30 minutes and 24-year-old Sherry Simmons, top woman runner, with 36.27 minutes. Other runners included Alfredo Rosas, third place overall, with 30.24 minutes; top wheelchair runner (name unknown) with 32.14 minutes; and myself, from Harbor City, with a steady 59.53 minutes.

All in all, it was heartwarming to see people get out and run for their own personal goals and a worthy cause as well. As a participant, this writer is one person who had a very good time.

Tom Sullivan, the fellow for whom the run was named, is a Palos Verdes resident who has personally conquered his blindness to become an athlete, musician, singer and television personality. Sullivan was on hand at the event to present awards to top runners. His wife, Pat, is a member of the VISTAS organization.

Among the other participating sponsors for the run were the “Daily Breeze” newspaper, The Athlete’s Den in Redondo Beach, Converse, Coors, Hansen’s, Pripps and Arrowhead.

All proceeds from the run were donated to the Blind Children’s Center in Los Angeles.