The Sound of a Tidal Wave Coming

Word has just arrived that United States Court of Appeals judge Brett Kavanaugh has been approved by the U.S. Senate and officially sworn in as the newest justice on the U.S. supreme court. The contentious, three-month-long confirmation process of Kavanaugh was watched around the world and protested and opposed by women everywhere.

What emerged from those unprecedented hearings was a clear picture of a supreme court nominee who was supremely unqualified on just about every count. Kavanaugh, a staunch Republican, was exposed as having a problem in his younger years with sexually abusing women and with alcoholism. He may well have also perjured himself under oath by denying and lying about that. He was not being charged with a crime before the U.S. Senate, true, but he was being interviewed for one of the highest public-service jobs in the nation. He failed the job interview miserably.


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