Banned in Japan: The Little Statue that Roared

.NEW. Welcome, dear readers, to Aichi Trienniale 2019, one of the largest Japanese contemporary festivals in the country. Held every three years since 2010, this festival attracts artists from around Japan and the globe, while promoting such lofty goals as “contributing to the global development of culture and art” and “bringing culture and art into people’s daily lives” as its mission.

The exhibitions for year’s Aichi Trienniale are being held at several major art venues in the cities of Nagoya and Toyota (home of the famous Japanese Toyota cars), in central Japan, under the theme of “Taming Y/Our Passion”. The festival is running 75 consecutive days from 1 August to mid-October 2019.

But from the opening day of the festival, the organizers of Aichi Trienniale 2019 were getting flooded with phone calls, fax messages and e-mails from angry, upset people. Threats were issued mostly anonymously, including by one Japanese man, a truck driver, who threatened to bring a can of gasoline to the exhibition site and torch the place — just as the nation was recovering from shock over another unrelated arson case at an anime studio recently in Kyoto.


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