Election 2020 Editorial: Bury Trump

(Graphic: Brian Covert / Photo: Getty Images)

The clock is now ticking down to the general election being held in the United States, in which a U.S. president, members of Congress and local issues will be decided by voters in just a couple more days. The most important campaign being watched, of course, is the one deciding which candidate — Donald Trump of the Republican Party or Joseph Biden of the Democratic Party — will occupy the presidential office in the White House. Both candidates’ campaigns are calling this particular election a “battle for the soul of the nation,” and it would be hard to disagree on that point.

The nation’s soul (if it ever had one) is indeed now at stake, and a deeply divided country will decide the outcome. Will the USA step back from the abyss and reject Trump and all that he stands for? Or will the country gleefully dive head-first over the edge of the cliff and reject Biden as president instead?

We shall see in a matter of days. But one thing we here at LifeTimes understand well is that it is not enough for Biden to simply win this as an election victory. More than that, Trump must be politically buried on election day and the neo-fascism that he represents in so many ways — authoritarian “Trumpism”, as the U.S. news media like to politely call it — must be buried along with him. We therefore strongly encourage voters to cast their important votes in this election for Joe Biden, and to send Trump and his corrupt cronies fleeing in the other direction.

Don’t get me wrong: Like many U.S. voters, I have not been overly enthralled with or excited by Biden as a candidate in this election. I remember how for decades, Biden was the one who was always willing to compromise with his Republican counterparts in Congress across the board, whether it was about war, the economy, political scandals or social issues. I would even say that Biden and other Democrats in Congress, along with Bill Clinton as U.S. president, were to blame for me eventually walking away from the Democratic Party in total disgust and not voting at all for anybody for many years. Eventually I found a political home in the international Green Party movement, vowing never to go back into the flock of Democratic-voting sheep again — a promise to myself that I had firmly kept ever since.

It goes without saying that I also had deep doubts about Biden as vice president under former U.S. president Barack Obama. I thought at the time that Obama could have made a much better choice than selecting Biden as his vice president.

But that was then, and this is now. All things reconsidered, Biden today seems the Democratic political figure most well-positioned to cut short Trump’s reign as FPOTUS (Fake President of the United States). The primary reason for that being that Biden, in all his generic blandness, is the polar opposite of the wealthy, elitist, morally deficient Trump in just about every sphere you can name — unlike Hillary Clinton in 2016. That is to say, what have long looked like Biden’s political weaknesses now look like strengths, and it took someone as extremely right-wing as The Great Orange One himself, Trump, to help pull off that feat. Biden now even looks presidential, to the amazement of a lot of us out here in Voter Land.

No, it is not enough for Biden, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party to win back just the U.S. executive branch in this election. Democrats will need to win big in elections for both houses of the United States Congress, and at the state and local levels throughout the country, in order to nip this Trumpian neo-fascism in the bud once and for all. Luckily for us, that goal seems to be within reach for the Democrats — if they don’t screw it up this time, I feel compelled to add.

Trump and all that he represents must be politically buried in a couple more days on Election Day 2020, and a stake driven deep into the heart of this dangerous megalomaniac and his dreams of white supremacy in the White House. Once that is done, he will surely face financial and legal ruin in his own right as a private citizen. That’s as it should be. And all those masses of disgruntled MAGA (Make America Great Again) baseball cap-wearing Trump groupies and violent supporters? We can deal with them afterward. But Trump must go.

Bury Donald Trump and his party at the polls in this election, for all the suffering, instability and pandemic sickness they have wrought on the U.S. public and people around the world during the past four years. Bury this neo-fascist bastard — forever.

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